The last time I said that while painting, I had discovered that our trim and doors in our house in Ohio weren’t white. I was painting our bedroom blue and while the trim looked white, it was really more of an off-white, or even cream. I was devastated and immediately proceeded to paint every baseboard and door frame ‘Ultra White’ from Valspar. (After much begging and pleading with Andrew and weeding out the wheat from the chaff on Craigslist, I hired someone to paint the doors.)

Sure enough, some of our trim isn’t white, either.

I started in on the guest room yesterday and as soon as I started priming the walls, I saw them: yellow-y door frames.

I was momentarily upset, but the four-years-and-oh-so-much-more-mature Holly (not to mention school starting in a week!), isn’t letting it bother me. In an older home, the off-white trim seems a little more forgivable, and if I decide to paint (which I probably will since some of the trim IS white–gotta match!), I will do it room-by-room. Or-gasp-wait for Christmas break.
Happy Tuesday and I’m feeling motivated!

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