marvelous, magnificent mom

For those of you who marvel at my Energizer Bunny-like energy, all you have to do is meet my mom to know where I got it.  I don’t think we sat down once this weekend, other than to eat.  Seriously.  OK, except for when we were cleaning the fans–we sat down while doing that.

Andrew walked in last night at 11:30 to a painted entryway (one more coat needed) and a partially painted kitchen, and had the gall to ask, “So what else did you do?”

Mom and I looked at each other and asked, “What did we NOT do?”

Here’s the run down of our weekend, with photos:

-ate Thai food up at The King and I in Kenmore

-errands at Ulta and Bed (free eyeshadow–score!), Bath and Beyond (for an over-the-tank toilet roll holder and a 3M hook)

-I’m not sure what we did Friday night, but we didn’t go to bed until 1 a.m., so we had to have been doing something…


-reorganized the kitchen pantry, cabinets and basement “pantry”

-walked Hadrian and visited with the Nyes (always a pleasure)–Adam played in their backyard with Hadrian while Mrs. Nye, mom and I chatted over, what else–coffee and homemade cookies

-Lowe’s for a trash can, primer, etc…

-Target for 3M hooks, decorative towels, tool organizing bins

-broke down a couple empty boxes Andrew wanted to save

-unpacked all my pots and organized them on our chrome shelving (um, I might have a few more than I remembered…)

-bought and labeled trash can and a recycling bin

-unpacked and sorted through all the office supplies

-had dinner with the Layers and Abigail, then gave them a tour of the house

-identified the ‘odor’ coming from the laundry room and directly below it in the basement (it’s from “cheater pipes,” which is what we have instead of something that vents directly outside–gross)

-arranged and rearranged the office furniture about a million times


-repotted an orchid I picked up on the clearance rack at Lowe’s (I know my track record with orchids is spotty at best, but an orchid aficionado we ran into while there told me it seemed like a solid plant and that he often buys them ‘on sale’ when their blooms have fallen off–cross your fingers!)

-cleaned all the gross dust from two fans, and mom vacuumed Hadrian’s bed (and attempted to vacuum him, but he wasn’t going to have any of that!)

-unpacked and (attempted to) organize Andrew’s tools in the garage

-taped and primed the kitchen and entryway

-scraped some of the myriad paint layers off the plaster on the wall along the basement (will have to wait to paint there until Andrew finishes with the basement door)

-Lowe’s again for paint, paint tools and another trash can

-Target to return decorative towels and try again

-ate Pasquale’s pizza and wings (mom gets HOT)

-sprayed the perimeters of the outside of the house and inside of the basement with bug killer spray (you know, just in case)

-painted one coat of ‘Sparkling Lake’ in the entry (note: all these paint photos were taken at night–interested to see what the colors look like today when I finish up!)

-tried out both samples I got for the kitchen

-I went with the one on the right–it is one shade lighter than the one on the left and called ‘Summer Wish’

-Proceeded to paint a couple areas with the winning color, but will have to get more today to finish

-Mom had an excellent idea for the extra kitchen paint–use it to spruce up the cabinets in the laundry room!

So, basically, what mom and I can do in an afternoon is more than other people do in a weekend…

I take mom to the airport this morning, then I’ll be getting more paint at Lowe’s and finishing the kitchen, entry and starting on the guest room, which will be the same color as the entry.  Mom’s motivation was exactly what I needed to move past unpacking and onto the next step: making this house a home.

One week until school–YIKES!

2 thoughts on “marvelous, magnificent mom

  1. I LOVE the entry color! And of course you know I love pale yellow! I also think the blue will be lovely in the guest room. It is one of the prettiest shades of blue I have seen on walls. GOOD JOB!
    ❤ Aunt Mary

  2. So so happy you had another pair of hands to help you. God always provides what we need…all we have to do is ask Him! I love the color choices. Magnificent ! I’m writing these down…

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