school daze

Let’s see…  I was at my future school yesterday, and I’m at my alma mater today!

I rode down to State College with Abigail and Andrew followed us.  I love seeing the stadium as we drive in.

And you’ll never guess what was waiting for us when we drove up…

…Adam displaying a blanket emblazoned with Andrew’s photo!  If anyone is more of a prankster than Alex (Andrew’s longtime friend from high school and best man at our wedding), it’s his older brother, Adam (with whom we’re staying).  Here’s a close-up:

And there was one on the bed, too.  (I realize everyone else reading this will think it’s weird and creepy; you’ve just got to know the Nye family to realize this is a sign of affection.  I think.)

After getting quite a laugh, we headed to campus where we caught glimpses of peoples’ wares as they buttoned-up their booths until tomorrow.

However, College Ave. was still hoppin’!

We walked past Andrew’s old stompin’ grounds, the honors college.  He’s such a smartie pants.

We made my dream come true–dinner at Baby’s.  It’s a little 50’s diner I’ve always loved since being a student.  We feared there would be a huge line, but since it was later on a Friday night, we sneaked in and got a table right away.

Andrew and Adam:

My usual: a peanut butter milkshake (just like the ones Christian and I would get)…

…and a chicken wimpy basket!  Two tiny chicken burgers with pickles and fries, and a side of mayo for dipping (because THAT’S healthy).

Everything tasted just like I remembered and I was blissfully happy.  (Small) victories of the night: not eating all my fries, getting a kids’ italian ice at Rita’s (instead of a custard-filled gelati, of course–they have one in State College now and we needed some palette cleaners) and talking the guys into skipping the beer tonight in favor of going home.  I didn’t have any more room!

I think Adam and I might run in the morning–I’ve been dreaming about running my old routes around campus–and I’m already excited for tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “school daze

  1. Hi Holly! Just randomly stumbled upon your blog. I currently live in Buffalo and went to Penn State as well (class of ’09). I used to work at Baby’s when I was in college and it was such a treat to see it featured on your blog 🙂

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