what a surprise

Now, you wouldn’t necessarily think that this is a fantastic present, given by a hubby who actually listens (most of the time, anyway), but it was 🙂

A box of Mini-Clif Bars and a beautiful Papyrus card!

Andrew has taken to having a Clif Bar in the afternoons before his workout, and really likes the Crunchy Peanut Butter flavor. I don’t typically eat a lot of pre-packaged stuff, but it’s nice to have a few on-hand for those times when you have to eat-and-run (literally or figuratively) or when I need to pack a snack that I can’t keep cold.  My bar of choice lately has been Luna Bars (lower calories), but now that the  energy bar companies have smartened-up (just like everyone else and their ‘100-calorie packs’), I can enjoy Clif Bars without feeling like I’ve eaten almost a whole meal in one!

Anyway, (I’m getting to the part in which this was a present) just the other day I was commenting (apparently within earshot of Andrew–I specify because more often than not, I just talk to myself all day anyway, so I never quite know what I’ve told him and what I haven’t…) that I should start keeping snacks in my car for those times when I’m STARVING after class or something, but won’t be home any time soon.  I’m one of those “hungry-angry” people, so solving this problem benefits everyone with whom I come into contact.

I hadn’t even had a chance to write down “mini-energy bars” on my shopping list when Andrew came home the other night and presented me with a giftbag (complete with tissue paper and all!) and card, just to say “I love you.” Yes ladies, swoon away…  I may have a pretty frugal husband, but he knows my love language is gifts and strives to show me often.

In fact, he even splurges on Papyrus cards (I have a thing for fine stationery) that are beautiful, just because he knows I appreciate that little extra ‘pizazz.’

So, (now that this has totally turned into a ‘let’s brag on Andrew’ post), just wanted to share about my sweet surprise and how much I’m looking forward to “never go[ing] hungry again!”   Alright, from what movie is that quote taken???

Happy Friday, all!

2 thoughts on “what a surprise

  1. Really? It’s not really a favorite movie of mine, but I had to put it in there when it crossed my mind. My sister was obsessed with Vivian Leigh for a period of our childhood… no clue why. Did I ever tell you I love the name Vivian? Andrew and I like Sophie for a girl. One of these days…

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