This calls for a celebration!

My bread didn’t fall!


Hallelujah! The top might have a few “finger pokes” in it, but it didn’t fall!

Man, did I babysit this one! I called King Arthur Flour the other day and the. Ice lady on the other end confirmed that I have been over proofing my bread this whole time. Apparently, using a warm oven to let your bread rise shortens the time… Like, exponentially. Seriously, this bread had a recommended 1-2 hour first rise, and it was finished in 40 minutes! The second rise, which is always where I fail, only took 40-50 minutes, instead of the stated 1.25-2.5 hours. I was running back and forth like a crazy person, but it’s all worth it now 🙂

Not only do I now have awesome bread, but I feel so much smarter already!

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