new year’s eve

We’re on our way to Carmel this weekend, but we’re stopping in Dayton to ring in the new year with some of our dearest friends.


We also have Andrew’s sisters, Abigail and Carolyn, and Carolyn’s fiancé, Ben, with us.


The trip was a bit last-minute, so we’re not sure how exactly we’ll be celebrating tonight; there have been votes for dancing as well as staying in by the fire with lots of yummy food and games. We’ll probably end up doing a bit of both before we crash (at various times) after 1 a.m.

A HUGE thank-you to Jen, who is 9 months pregnant and still up for hosting 7 extra people tonight!

Andrew and I aren’t big partiers, but after the year we’ve had, spending this NYE with family and friends might be the best yet.

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