what i’m loving right now

(Or WAS, when I wrote this post.)

“Biscoff” spread!

The below photo is of Trader Joe’s version, what they call “Speculoos Cookie Butter.”  Not sure where the ‘speculoos’ comes from, but whatever.

Anyway, I’d been hearing a lot lately about Biscoff spread on Kath’s blog and Emily’s blog, and I’d seen it at Wegmans before, so I figured I’d pick up a jar next time I was there.

Well, when we swung into Ohio to stay with friends on the way home from Thanksgiving in Carmel, IN, Andrew and I met up with my dear friend, Susy, at Trader Joe’s and did some serious damage.  One of the things she threw into my cart was this spread.  (I didn’t even try to stop her.)

It tastes like crushed gingersnaps and is completely delightful mixed with cranberry sauce on a bowl of oatmeal. Very ‘fall.’

The only bad thing is that unlike peanut butter or almond butter, it doesn’t have any protein (less than 1 gram), so it’s not really a nutritional powerhouse or anything.  It’s basically just dessert to spread on breakfast foods.  Or any food, for that matter.

Like this morning, I spread a tablespoon on toast with the last of the Thanksgiving cranberry sauce (I’m almost embarrassed I’ve had it this long…  They’re pretty acidic–how bad can they be?).

On a side note, doesn’t the above meal (toast, half an orange and egg whites with cheese) remind you of a ‘balanced breakfast?’  I never got those sugar-cereal commercials that touted their product as part of a ‘balanced breakfast’ when they’d pan and have a shot of a bowl with orange juice an a muffin.  HA!

Anyway, if you think you’d like this kind of thing, be sure to pick up a jar of either TJ’s version or Biscoff at your local grocery store!


4 thoughts on “what i’m loving right now

  1. Yay, I’m so glad you liked it/got to try it! I want to get my hands on the TJ’s version but the Biscoff Spread is at Wegmans too (just fyi).

  2. Speculoos is the Dutch name for biscoff, it originally came from Belgium. Now I’m wondering is it just the cookies in there or is it a mix of a nut butter with some cookieflavour in it? 🙂

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