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Weekend Update:

-Andrew and I spent the night here at the in-law’s house with Carolyn; we enjoyed Pasquale’s pizza, but not the wings so much since they got our order wrong and gave us mild instead of medium–BOO!

-I ended up taking my first online Chemistry quiz last night (I had planning on waiting until this morning after more prep).  I got an 88%–I’ll take it; doing it Friday night saved me 12 hours of stressing about it

-We were REAL fun last night; Carolyn and Andrew watched Dateline while I worked–are we old or what?

-I brought all the ingredients to bake pumpkin bread here at the house tomorrow–cannot wait!

-Carolyn and I made a Target run–I picked up a 24-pack of teeny tiny kettle corn bags in the Halloween candy aisle–Andrew should like those in his lunches

-We’re about to head off to Pumpkinville–I intend to eat every pumpkin offering my little heart desires

-It’s pretty much a zoo here; Hadrian acts like a kid with ADD, running all over the place, Emma (the Layers’ dog) is an old lady and Hadrian makes her nervous so she paces and whines; and there are six cats.  SIX.  And they were ALL wide awake this morning at 6:30 a.m.

-The weather here is phenomenal.  It’s almost too hot!  Not that I’m complaining; I know it will be plenty cold here soon.

Off we go to Pumpkinville!  (Unfortunately, there will probably be no pictures.  Sad.  And it’s so nice out, too.)  BUT, my iPhone is ordered and will be in my hands next Friday (supposedly)!  Can’t wait!

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