burnin’ ink

I ran out of ink today.  Blue ink.

I like to use blue ink to write on handouts that a few of my teachers (graciously!) provide.  I find the blue stands out better against the black printing (duh) and makes it so much easier to read and study.

Anyway, there I was, nearing the end of Chemistry and my writing slowly began to fade.  It faded and faded until it just about died.

I wasn’t surprised.  While this was the first time in class that I’ve run out of ink, it is not the first time this semester.  Or the second.  Or the third.

Five pens.  I’ve gone through FIVE pens this semester so far, and we aren’t even half-way through.  No matter about tuition; it will be the cost of INK that will eat us out of house and home (or hotel) before I’m finished with school!

In their defense, I do take a lot of notes.  But still–five?  In as many weeks?

Yikes.  I do believe they sell refills for this particular brand (my ultimate fave), so I’ve saved the empties.

Only two pens left before I run out!

2 thoughts on “burnin’ ink

  1. We are so a like. I am studying the book of Romans John MacArthur is preaching a series on and began the 10th chapter today and I have 228 pages of notes already! Had to find a bigger binder for them and as you know Romans has 16 chapters….I love detailed notes that feed me again and again. Eric has the series on CD and I encourage you when school gives you a break to give them a listen. You will be greatly blessed. I also have drained numerous pens. LOL I love our similarities..

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