surprise! test WEDNESDAY

Did I mention yesterday was MONDAY?

I definitely have a HUGE Anatomy test tomorrow.  And then another one NEXT Wednesday.  Thankfully, it’s all memorization and I’ve kept up with my studying-as-I-go habits, so I’m not stressed.

Good thing I worked NONSTOP Sunday on all sorts of different homework/note-taking/studying so I can just worry about all the “bigger” things I have this week:

-that Anatomy test

-another Biology test

-my first Chem quiz (not sure what to think about this one…it’s one of those online, timed things)

-Anatomy lab quiz

-start Psych book report?

I’m telling you, being an early-riser (hello, 5:30) is a HUGE advantage.  I’ve already studied for both tests, had coffee and breakfast and set Andrew’s breakfast out as well.

Whew!  I’m a busy girl!

Oh, and we’re seeing The Lion King here in Buffalo Wednesday night–so excited!  I’m going to try to find a neat place to go to dinner beforehand, too.

It’s a return to the pool for me this morning!

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