anatomy of a school lunch

Haha…   Anatomy…get it??  I have a test in my anatomy lab tomorrow afternoon and I have NO IDEA what to study…  Seriously, we’ve done almost nothing so far and there isn’t a text (miraculously).  I’ve been looking over what little we have done… (AND I’m currently watching Grey’s Anatomy–that’s like a TRIPLE pun for me!)

Check out the cute lunch box grandma sent me!  She sent one for each of us girls, even before I signed up for school, so it was incredibly well timed.  Thank you grandma!

It looks like a lot, and I typically don’t eat it all, but I like to over-pack so I have a snack on the way home if I need something.  I eat lunch at either 11 or 12, then have a lab until 3:30, so it’s time for a snack by then, anyway.

An apple, half a sandwich (with natural peanut butter), veggies, homemade hummus, half a banana (the other half is currently mashed and mixed in the fridge with overnight oats), a piece of cheese and two Dove dark chocolates.

On school nights, I pack our lunches and prep my breakfast (which is usually overnight oats) so I don’t have to worry about it in the morning.  I would lay out my clothes, too, if I could decide that far in advance…

I have a GIANT biology test first-thing tomorrow morning–wish me luck!

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