my chef/cobb salad

It feels like early fall here today.  I guess that might be because it IS ‘early fall’ since there is snow by Halloween here.  It’s not even the middle of August yet…

My run this morning was fantastic.  Blue skies, enough of a breeze to give you goose bumps…  I even wore a t-shirt, which for this tank-top-only girl, means it was cool.  Running in the park here this morning reminded me on Montreal.  I can’t wait to visit Quebec again.

We had just about a serving of honey ham left in the fridge, plus all the fixings for a great salad, so I decided that’s what I would have for lunch today.  (I sent Andrew to work with a yogurt, fruit and chips so I could have the meat!)

While I love all the flavors that go into your typical chef or cobb salad (avocado, deli meat, bacon, bleu cheese, egg), it’s not often I have everything on-hand at home and they are pretty dangerous menu items at restaurants, so I don’t eat them much.

My lunch was absolutely BRIMMING with goodness!  The bottom was 100% spinach (not baby, the kind you have to stem–it lasts way longer in the fridge) and the toppings included: 1 oz. cheddar cheese and 1 hard-boiled egg (both nabbed from the breakfast bar this morning), 1/4 avocado, cucumber, carrots, celery, green onion and about 2.5 oz. deli ham.

I topped it with a serving (2 tbsp) of Wegmans Yogurt Ranch dressing, which is only 80 calories–SWEET!

Actually, that’s what the salad was: sweet.  The honey ham was sweeter than I anticipated, so the whole salad took on a less-than-salad-y flavor.  The total calorie count for the salad was 460, which is somewhat high (for a salad) but since this was FULL of protein, it should keep me full for quite a while.

And because I like my salads fully mixed before eating them, I dumped it all into a large bowl, topped with dressing (1 tbsp at a time to see if I needed both–I did) and stirred.

Voila!  Can you tell I’m using Andrew’s un-ironed shirts as tablecloths?

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