beet smoothie

Yes, you heard that right–a BEET smoothie.

It was good!  Almost too sweet…probably because it should really be called an applesauce smoothie with a little bit of beet puree.  But man, does a little go a LONG way in terms of color!

I loved the chewy bits of dried cranberries.  I chose this smoothie because I had all the ingredients on-hand, namely the beet puree.  I brought about 3/4 C of it with me with all the stuff from our freezer.  I still have some beet puree left, so I’ll be trying at least two other beet smoothie “recipes” in the coming days. I’m trying, in earnest, to use up anything I can that we brought with us.  Our meals this week (I’m finally going to go all-out and cook a bunch here in the apt; free hotel food be damned!) center around the last bits of random frozen meats and pantry staples.

We’re having:

-sliders with chips and fruit

-herbed salmon with orzo and tomatoes

-wheat berry salad with orange and mustard chicken

-quinoa with spinach, parsley and spring onions

The highlight of my day?  GROCERY SHOPPING!

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