running: lessons learned, pt.1

I took Hadrian out for a two-mile run this morning and did some thinking:

1.  Don’t run through neighborhoods on trash day–stinky!

2.  Just because you CAN run somewhere doesn’t mean you SHOULD run somewhere.  This one deserves a paragraph, or two.

I mapped a 5.25 mile loop around our hotel yesterday.  Most of it was pretty familiar…the 1.5 mile residential/commercial stretch to Cazenovia Park I’ve been running, then a commercial stretch, thankfully all sidewalk.  (Not so thankfully for my knees, but you understand.)  Anyway, turns out my last leg of the run included not one, not two, not three–but FOUR interstate on and off ramps.  As in I was running two overpasses and had to cross four major intersections.  Again, thankfully there was, for the most part, ample room to run by and relatively light traffic.

The best part of the story:  Andrew’s face as we drove the route that evening so I could re-count, in detail (because it’s my mission in life to verbalize just about everything I’ve done/said/thought/wondered), my grave mistake that morning.

3. Apparently not all parks are created equal.  I was walking Hadrian in the aforementioned park the other day during lunchtime when some nice ladies stopped to chat. I must have mentioned running in the park and she cautioned me about running alone in the park as she’d seen homeless people sleeping in the bushes before.  This wouldn’t have bothered me so much except that I definitely ran there, ALONE (relatively speaking–there were a couple other walkers and joggers out as well), Sunday morning before church.  Duly noted.

4.  Avoid all kinds of wildlife and those on bicycles while running with Hadrian.

…that’s all for now.  I’m sure there will be more, hence the “part 1.”

2 thoughts on “running: lessons learned, pt.1

  1. LOL! I know what you mean about running on trash day. I also learned that lesson the hard way (which truthfully is the only way to actually learn a lesson) and had my share of stinkiness too. Anyway, when you say that your route included four interstate on/off ramps, do you mean you ran on them, or just that you went by them? And…you didn’t actually run on an interstate, right?

    1. haha! NO, of course I didn’t run on the interstate! I had to cross the entrance to the on-ramps on the road I was on… It wasn’t a huge deal, but I definitely won’t be running that section of the road again… Unfortunately, our hotel is in a more commercial area than residential, so I have to run around some traffic before I get to less busy roads.

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