lunch, etc…

This was my lunch today:

Pretty good for a hotel kitchenette, huh?  (Although I guess none of this required ACTUAL cooking, but still.)

I used the strawberries and red lettuce greens I got at the farmer’s market yesterday to make my strawberry balsamic salad.  I added some gorgonzola cheese crumbles (still getting used to it–I so want to like blue cheese!), toasted pecans (I was too lazy to caramelize them) and red onion into the mix as well.  I topped it with a drizzle of sunflower seed oil and some swirls of this balsamic syrup my mom brought back from one of her trips.  The label is all in Italian…

I burned a couple corners of my GH Cinnamon Swirl bread (boo!) and added a dollop of hummus and some cucumber.  I like the hummus from Patricia Wells’ Salad as a Meal cookbook.  It’s garlicky and fresh as opposed to most that have cumin in them.  Her version includes cilantro, something I’d never thought to add but is actually very good.

Today is the first day I can say that I’m actually bored.  Like, seriously bored.  Part of it’s the weather.  It’s one of those ‘overcast one minute, sunny the next’ kind of days.  I tried to go outside to read with Hadrian and wouldn’t you know we got all the way to the sitting area and it started to sprinkle.  Grrr.  I’ve tried alternating reading (just started Steve Martin’s ‘Shopgirl’), computering and taking Hadrian outside.  Oh, and getting coffee (see below).

I thought running with Hadrian would completely tire him out, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.  I’m looking forward to upping our mileage together, both for him and me.  Right now, I take him out for one mile (which provides a nice warm-up for me), then bring him back, give him a couple ice cubes in his crate (a great way to help cool him down without allowing him to slurp up too much water at once), then head out for my “real” run.  I really like the companionship he provides, especially in unfamiliar territory, but it does add a bit to the morning routine.

Our hotel has coffee (regular, dark roast and decaf) available 24-7.  This is bad.  I find myself wandering to the lobby WAY too often to grab a bit here and there.  I do try to mix the decaf with regular in the afternoons, but still.

I’m completely unmotivated to count my calories right now.  I should be, since I only have a couple stubborn pounds left, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  Maybe I just need a couple more days to get motivated again.

I’m planning on making a pretty ambitious meal tonight in our kitchenette–steaks, asparagus and barley–if I remember, I’ll take a photo!

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