a list

things i’ve done since arriving in New York:

1.  unpacked

2.  watched cable TV

3.  made hummus  (from my newest cookbook, Patricia Wells’ Salad as a Meal)

4.  gone to a farmer’s market

5.  finally finished last month’s issue of Shape Magazine

6.  gone to the post office

7.  driven back and forth between our hotel and East Aurora a gajillion times

8.  ran with hadrian

9.  made dinner in the kitchenette (grilled cod with spaghetti and pesto)

10.  gone to Great Harvest Bakery (got a mini rye loaf and a mini cinnamon swirl loaf)

11.  gotten myself hooked on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ (it was all Andrew’s fault)

12.  and, most of all, missed my routine and our friends in Ohio 😦

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