falling apart at the seams

When it rains, it pours.

At least it did in our bathroom last night.  Water was bubbling up behind the paint in two spots–we were experiencing heavy rains–and when Andrew cut them open, water trickled down the wall.  Andrew did some ‘exploratory drilling’ and sure enough, he found wet drywall and wood.  Thankfully, it does appear localized to a small section of the bathroom and Andrew thinks he’s identified the problem:  our crappy aluminum roof.


Andrew’s already looking at roof work and siding for this summer…and that’s in addition to the mandatory garage project so we can actually PUT our cars in there.

And just when I thought the dust was (mostly) confined to the downstairs…

…it managed to get INSIDE my medicine cabinet when Andrew was dealing with the wall.  Because I needed MORE dust in my life right now.

And this happened MOMENTS after Andrew said to me, “Let’s just get this house moved into and hang some pictures and finish the pantry and kitchen and really make you feel like this is your home.”  Well, add the bathroom to the list!

I’ll be honest; the house isn’t just falling apart at the seams (it’s not really); Andrew and I are in a tough spot right now.  Between runny noses and tears, we went through an ENTIRE box of tissues just the other night during a ‘discussion.’

If you’re praying folk, we’d appreciate some liftin’ up.  Andrew is still feeling the affects of his head cold and mine won’t go away, Andrew is really feeling the pressure of these house projects and planning for our upcoming Italy trip, and I passed my stress limit awhile ago.  School is at an all-time high in terms of tension–we find out about our acceptance (or not) into the coordinated program any day now–tests and finals are coming up, the house has been FILTHY lately, the animals are making me crazy and I ate my weight in Easter candy last week.  So, let’s just say my already low stress threshold was reached.

All that to say, it’s a bit tense around these parts.

Please pray for Andrew to have wisdom and strength for the things ahead–both projects and otherwise.  Pray for patience (I know–scary!) for me, and that I would find joy despite my burdens.  And for healing!  This silly little head cold has killed my motivation and all I need is REST, yet it is so hard to find.

Can this week be over already??