French Onion Soup

I have a pretty good story about French Onion Soup.  You know the soup I’m talking about–it’s on every menu on the planet and features softened onions, giant croutons and gooey cheese on top.  EVERYONE knows what French Onion Soup is.

Anyway, so Andrew (who greatly dislikes *most* cheese and insists he’s lactose intolerant) ordered himself the ‘onion soup’ while we dined at a little bistro while in FRANCE a couple years back.  It didn’t hit me until the waitress left that the onion soup on the menu was most likely FRENCH ONION SOUP, since we were, you know, IN FRANCE.

Sure enough, Andrew’s soup arrived covered in cheese and swirled throughout the onions.  Apparently in France, it’s just known as ‘onion soup.’  Good grief.

Which brings me to point of this post: I made French Onion Soup last night.  More accurately, I made Ellie Krieger’s Triple Onion Soup, which is found in her book, Comfort Food Fix.

It turned out quite well and, despite Andrew’s severe case of a summer cold he’s fighting off right now, was enjoyed by both of us.  I omitted the bread topping (I didn’t feel like it and Andrew wouldn’t have appreciated homemade croutons in his sickly state) and, of course, only put cheese on my bowl.  I’ve made French Onion Soup before and not been a huge fan, but this particular recipe worked.  Next time you have an abundance of onions (like we did after we both bought bags of them at the grocery store unbeknownst to the other), give it a try!