call me a curator

I’ve been thinking about this post for a few weeks now, maybe months.  My bestie, Emily, gave me the idea when I was talking to her about the purpose of my blog.  I confided to her that because I don’t constantly develop recipes or write about nutrition topics, I didn’t know if my site really had a purpose, or at least a well-defined one.

Emily countered and told me that she thought of me as a bit of a ‘curator’ of sorts, finding winning recipes or beauty products to share with others.  As soon as she said it, the light bulb in my head went on.  A curator!  That sounded about right.

The truth is, I’ve always called myself a ‘life blogger.’

Yes, much of the blog is dedicated to food and nutrition.  Check out my recent recipes developed for contests here and here.  I also write ‘fad’ diet book reviews, like this one for the Whole30, and they can all be found under the Nutrition tab at the top and select ‘Book Reviews.’  I also documented much of my time spent in school to become a dietitian, and you can read those posts by clicking ‘Becoming an RD’ under the Nutrition tab.

But I also like to write about other things, too.

One of my favorite categories is ‘Things I LOVE’ because I love sharing awesome stuff with others. From beauty products to athletic gear, I have an opinion and I’m happy to share it.

And to round it all out, there are loads of posts about traveling, our never-ending house projects and running.  The truth is, I just really like to write (or maybe this is my way of talking?) and this is my forum.  Kath couldn’t have put it better when she wrote that she blogs about what’s most natural to write about just this morning–how’s that for timing?!

So, as I continue sharing my nutrition knowledge, new discoveries, recipes worth making (and anything else I throw up here), I hope you’ll continue enjoying it!