I opened the gym

Not really; it’s not like I have keys to the building or anything.  But I DO sub 7 a.m. Saturday cycle classes every once in awhile (I think I’m the only one who will take them…it always seems like such a good idea until Friday night, btw).  Members congregate in the lobby anywhere from 30 minutes prior to opening, literally chomping at the bit, waiting to get to their favorite routine.  It’s rather comical, really.

However, because the cycle studio is downstairs, I never get to see this peaceful scene:

 It was almost zen-like.  The shadows.  The quiet.  The absolute motionlessness of it all, in such stark contrast to its usual buzz of noise and activity.  It was beautiful.

This Saturday, I was subbing a STEP class.  I am not a step instructor.  Not even close.  I knew this when I offered to teach the class.  (We can ‘tweak’ our formats a bit when subbing; i.e. as long as it was cardio, it’s OK.)  However, that doesn’t mean the people taking the class would be OK with a sub-par step workout.

So, I did what any other rhythm-challenged person would do.  I took an existing routine and added moves with the step.  In fact, I used the same workout I did this Wednesday in my body conditioning class and modified it to use the step.  For example, instead of jumping jacks, I had the class do step-ups.  Instead of regular lunges, we did Bulgarian lunges with one foot behind us on the step.

Thankfully, I got good feedback from the members who attended.  And I was finished with my workout by 8 a.m.  Nice.

I got a job

Don’t get too excited–it’s not as a Registered Dietitian. Yet.

It’s to teach cycle classes at the YMCA! (Since I have about zero rhythm, I figured teaching kickbox was out. I’m hoping to add other disciplines, like TRX or Pilates, as I go along.)

A few weeks ago I arranged a meeting with the wellness director at our branch to discuss potential nutritional counseling opportunities and find out what I needed to do to become a fitness instructor. (As a group fitness instructor, I get my membership paid for AND get paid to work out. It’s a win-win-win. I already feel like I live there–why not make a little money while I’m at it?! Plus, the savings in my membership fee are sizable in and of itself.)

I hadn’t anticipated starting before this summer or even fall, but the director encouraged me to submit my application–our meeting served as my ‘interview’–and within a week I was signing paperwork.

This weekend I attended my YMCA orientation, where I learned that the Buffalo Niagara YMCA is the second oldest YMCA in the country–only by a few months–to Boston’s YMCA. And Y’s are also the birthplace of basketball and volleyball, as well as the largest non-profit in the country. Who knew?!  I also got recertified in CPR and am ready to start shadowing other instructors this week!

I’ve been toying with the idea of being a fitness instructor for awhile now, and even though it’s happening really fast, I’ve also wondered why I haven’t done it earlier! What could be more perfect than to GET PAID TO WORK OUT?!