Andrew and I went to Waldfest yesterday afternoon.  It’s a local German Festival just outside of East Aurora.  (All photos courtesy of Andrew, my hero with the camera, who graciously carried it around and got into picture-taking mode for me.)

A friend of Andrew’s from work invited us and we thought it would be a great time.  It was pretty warm here yesterday (upper 80’s), so we waited until about 4 p.m. to go.

It was packed, although not uncomfortably so.

We walked around, found the beer tent and got ourselves a couple Weissbiers.

And who can pass up bratwurst and mettwurst at a German Festival?

I like mine with sauerkraut and mustard.  (Excuse my nails; I’m in desperate need of a manicure!)


This is Bart, a friend of Andrew’s from work.  He had this awesome camera case that was actually a small backpack.  It’s now my mission to find one for us.  Maybe that’s what Kath uses to tote her camera around everywhere!  As you can see, it was warm.

Bart is also somewhat of a photographer.  I don’t know him that well yet, but this photo really captures, in my mind, who Bart is: a guy full of life, always with a huge grin and having the most fun possible.

This photo makes me look like I was drunk and double-fisting, neither of which would have been true.  I stuck to about a cup and a half but thought this was a great shot.

Our group tried to give this guy some beer but he dutifully waved them off; he was working the event.

Another fun shot…

I ponied-up four tickets (TWO DOLLARS!  Although I guess it could have been worse…) for a bottle of water.  Must. Alternate. Alcohol. With. Water.  Seriously, I really am responsible when I drink.  Not that we’re big drinkers; I just feel better (mentally and physically) if I’ve balanced out any alcohol I’ve consumed with big glasses of water.

This shot has a bit of a story…  This was the ice cream guy.  Bart (at this point shirtless because of a beer spill) managed to get a bunch of free ice creams for us.  I nabbed one of the strawberry fruit bars (love those!) and when I went to throw my trash away Andrew wanted to get a photo…  Don’t worry; we’re pretty sure he was more into Bart than me!

This guy walked by our group and stopped to chat:

There was music and dancing on the stage as well.

We had a great time but left before the bitter end.  We both love ethnic food outings, so we’re looking forward to upcoming Italian and Polish festivals as well.