The Glycemic Index Diet

The eighth installment of the series on eating patterns is about the Glycemic-Index Diet. Last month, we explored the Volumetrics Diet and discussed how a food’s energy density can be used to help people make healthier choices when trying to lose or manage their weight. Ranked #23 out of 41 total diets in the U.S News Best Diet Rankings, the Glycemic-Index Diet is based on a carbohydrate’s effect on a person’s blood sugar. “Good” carbs rank lower in the index and take longer to digest, which slows the rise in blood sugar, while “bad” carbs rank higher in the index and tend to cause spikes in blood sugar. Continue reading “The Glycemic Index Diet”

four pacis and a bottle

We’ve been trying to get Maelle to take a pacifier–any pacifier–since we brought her home from the hospital, with little success. We also tried to introduce bottles a couple times this past week, with only slightly more success. I was beginning to think her resistance to both of these might be the start of more fussiness. Continue reading “four pacis and a bottle”

a star is born

It’s been six weeks (!!!) since our Maelle made her appearance, and I’m only just now finishing the story of her birth.  That #newbornlife is NO JOKE.

My lackadaisical attitude toward the writing of birth stories–both before and after I got pregnant–has always baffled me.  As a woman, I understand the desire–need, even–for a mother to process the momentous event of her child’s birth, whether with a friend over coffee or on paper.  As a writer, I understand the epic storyline and suspense found in the telling of one’s experience laboring and delivering a child.  Yet, writing the story of my own child’s birth was not one I was bursting at the seams to document.  Even now, I’m probably penning this more for posterity or ‘completeness’ rather than out of enthusiasm, but trust that my feelings will warm in the process of the telling. Continue reading “a star is born”