Halloween 2022

One of the things our little village does so well is Halloween. It’s so fun to walk around the village and see all the fall, Halloween and Bills yard decorations out. My favorite is the house with the giant Bills skeletons, complete with jerseys and smaller skeletons to represent whoever we’re playing in the next game–the owners rearrange them each week in a funny scene that amuses everyone.

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three trips in three weeks

Actually, it was more like thirteen trips in ten months. Spoiler alert: it was too many.

To be fair, the last one was a funeral, so that one was a bit of a surprise.

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Ideas for Lunch Packing

I’m a little late (OK, a LOT late) to the bento box party, but I’m making up for lost time already. 

While I knew what a ‘bento’ box was, without a kiddo in school yet, I never felt like I needed to buy one.  However, after a girlfriend showed me the ones she uses for her kids, I thought they would make a great way to pack snacks for car trips.  (We travel a lot.  FYI, eleven trips in as many months is TOO MANY.)  I snagged a couple during Amazon Prime Days, and we’ve already used them a couple times.

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