Halloween 2022

One of the things our little village does so well is Halloween. It’s so fun to walk around the village and see all the fall, Halloween and Bills yard decorations out. My favorite is the house with the giant Bills skeletons, complete with jerseys and smaller skeletons to represent whoever we’re playing in the next game–the owners rearrange them each week in a funny scene that amuses everyone.

This year Maelle and I rode over to the elementary school to catch the Halloween parade.

We saw lots of little friends from church and around the neighborhood.

This year, my old flight suit (that my father made about 35 years ago!) fit Maelle, so she dressed in that for our friends’ Halloween party on Friday night. I found the perfect place to snap a photo: the wings painted on the outside wall at Beulah’s!

Maelle ALSO wanted to be Sully From Monster’s Inc., so I broke down and bought her a costume for that, as well. Here we are, trick-or-treating our way over to the Nyes’ for dinner.

I don’t know about you, but this is MY favorite monster!

And as a nice little surprise, Maelle won the Haunted House giveaway at the library! It was hand-painted by one of their volunteers, and filled with candy, which was (obviously) her favorite part. It will make a fun decoration for years to come.

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