St. Patty’s 2022

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate, and we didn’t let the fact that daddy was out of town keep us from having fun!

Of course, we started our day with green pancakes and green smoothies. Maelle has really gotten into whipped cream and sprinkles (fantastic…), but it was super cute (and delicious) on these green pancakes.

My little leprechaun got to play at Grandma Nye’s house while I got a haircut–made sure to rock my green! I love these shoes…the weather here doesn’t let me wear them as often as I’d like. Andrew gave them to me as a surprise (!!!) years ago, and they make me so happy every time I see them.

After naptime, Maelle and I walked to the park. We had such a beautiful day!

She loves to climb and is getting really good at the metal ‘moveable’ ladder. There are a number of ladders at our playground, and I think they are her favorite activity.

St. Patty’s Day fell on a Thursday this year, so the stroller gang planned to bring treats to run group for the kids. I made a fruit-and-veggie tray in the shape of a rainbow! When I saw a photo online, I couldn’t resist. I’ll have to remember this one for the future.

Andrew arrived home that evening, and we did our annual corned-beef-and-cabbage dinner with the Nyes the following night. (Sadly, there are no photos.) Maelle loved the gold coins and shamrocks decorating the table, as well as the green mint ice cream cookie sandwiches we had for dessert!

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