a list: what we’ve been up to this winter

Mom-life has me crazy busy, yet feeling incredibly unproductive at the same time. Can anyone relate?? I feel like I have all this ‘time’ to plan meaningful activities with Maelle and invest in something for myself, yet I struggle to find a chance to sit AT ALL during the day until after bedtime. By then, all I’m interested in doing is watching Netflix with Andrew.

Alright, this post has already gotten off track. I really just found a bunch of cute photos in my phone and realized it had been awhile since I wrote a ‘list’ post. We haven’t gotten outside as much this winter (our equally ambitious village-dwelling mommy-daughter friends moved up to Snyder last summer so I haven’t been as motivated to get us out on cold days), but we have done some fun things!

  1. We’ve been cheering for our Bills! Obviously, this photo was taken a few months ago. We sure were rooting for them and were absolutely devastated by their playoff loss. Next year!

2. We’ve been playing dress up. Maelle has a pretty solid collection of costume items, mostly hand-me-downs and a few things I couldn’t resist (such as the octopus skirt, above). She’s also beginning to ‘pretend’ and loves to diaper her baby dolls, play with band-aids, and tell stories about her orangutan and elephant ‘stuffies.’

3. I’ve been riding the bike a lot. Again, not as motivated to get out on runs this winter, so I’ve been making it a point to ride the bike a few times a week. I love it, and now that Maelle is old enough to watch something on the iPad (words I LITERALLY never thought I’d say), I can squeeze in a 20-minute ride and shower while she’s awake. She’s happy as a clam to sit and watch Clifford on my yoga mat behind the bike. She even starts doing ‘yoga’ while I stretch!

4. We’ve done some sledding. Thank goodness for friends who invite you out AND insist on taking a family photo.

5. We’re *this close* to starting our house project. Ha! Not really, but sort of. We’re finally working with a few contractors to get estimates on our renovation, which is supposed to start sometime this summer. We’ve been working with an architect for more than three years (!!!) and for the last few months have been hard at work ourselves doing all the research and getting all the quotes for different aspects of the project. All my fingers and toes are crossed that we can move forward SOON.

6. We’ve moved into the ‘favorites’ stage. Little miss has decided her ‘new spring jammies’ are the best things ever, and would like nothing more than to wear them every day. She also loves her red leggings, M&Ms, fuzzy socks and the story of The Tortoise and the Hare.

7. Speaking of things we love…. We’ve discovered Encanto. She’s obsessed, I’m obsessed, we’re all obsessed. We few weeks ago we experimented with her first ‘real’ movie, and watched Encanto at a friend’s house. There is no going back now, and she regularly announces that she’d like to ‘all sit on the couch, and have a snack, and watch a movie TOGETHER,’ very exuberantly and with wild gesturing.

8. We have a little helper around the house. Andrew regularly gets Maelle involved when he unloads the dishes, and she also likes to help set the table. *Please note: Nothing in this photo was sanctioned by me. Obviously.

9. We’ve also discovered forts, tents, and piles of blankets. Maelle is constantly dragging blankets to her teepee, filling it with toys, and calling it her ‘car.’ She and Andrew have even built a giant fort using our dining chairs. I surprised even myself when I let her leave it up for a few days.

10. The stroller gang is back at it. Finally, after taking January and February off, we’re back to Thursday night stroller runs from Aurora Cider House, as well as weekend long runs and a few mid-week runs when some of the working mommas are off. A bunch of us signed up for the Buffalo Half Marathon, so we better start training!

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