december fun

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean we can’t go outside and have fun!

In fact, we’ve seen more animals at the zoo now that it’s winter! Apparently, they are more active in cooler temps, and I’ve noticed that to be true. The river otter is always out making friends with visitors, and we even saw the lions running around and playing on our last visit.

Maelle was especially excited to see the giraffes on our last visit. Seeing them inside and closer than usual makes you realize how big they really are!

Earlier this month, we strolled Main Street to do some shopping and stopped at the Aurora Theater to see The Grinch memorabilia. Each December, the theater has all the props on display for a free showing of the movie. A local guy is a collector, and he even has the giant sleigh!

The stroller gang is still at it–sometimes with strollers, sometimes without–despite the snow. In fact, Christmas is my favorite time to run at night–the lights are so fun!

This month the stroller squad has incorporated casual ‘parties’ after each Thursday evening run, taking turns hosting at each runner’s house. We even had a cookie-decorating party at one house, complete with a visit from Santa (her father)!

Maelle was very excited to decorate! We’ve actually done a bit of baking this month, so it was a good thing we opened our present from Emily a little early!

Emily talked this gift up SO MUCH, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened it. It was a Le Creuset (one of my favorite brands) family baking kit, and it even included this little chef’s hat for Maelle. I about died.

One thing I’ve been baking frequently are these little trees!

Andrew saw them in a catalog and bought the tree pans and a couple boxes of eggnog-flavored cake mix for me. It’s been fun to whip them up a few times for friends and our Christmas Eve party (above).

We even drove to a neighborhood with lots of lights to walk around on a snowy night.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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