Seven Sundays cereal

Andrew and I both grew up on cereal–he on Frosted Flakes and me on plain Cheerios–and while we’re both more ‘toast’ people now, I enjoy a bowl every once in awhile. When Seven Sundays asked if they could send me some boxes of their new gluten-free, sunflower seed protein cereal, I was excited to try something new.

I took a peek at their website and liked what I saw.

Co-founders Hannah and Brady decided to ‘clean up the cereal aisle’ by making a #betterboxedcereal. They’d discovered muesli on their honeymoon to New Zealand in 2011, started making their own, and began selling it at farmers’ markets. They recently branched out and have made a more traditional cereal with sunflower seed protein, which is what they sent me to try. (Obviously, this is the short version; for their whole adorable story, click here.)

Seven Sundays is all about sourcing local ingredients, supporting small businesses, and promoting sustainable farming practices. They have been a Certified B Corporation since 2019, which means they meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.

I’m a nobody in the blogging world, so I was pretty jazzed someone wanted to send me something! Once the box arrived, I set the table for breakfast and snapped some photos. Can I just say I loved how colorful their cereal boxes are?!

In line with their original mission to create a nutrient-dense cereal, Seven Sundays started looking into a nutrient-dense, plant-based option and they came up with sunflower seeds. After seeds are pressed to make oil, what’s left is a protein- and fiber-rich solid that can then be milled and turned into sunflower FLOUR. Voilà!

Seven Sundays definitely has an ingredient list and nutrition label I can get behind!

On the left is a random box of organic, gluten-free cereal I happened to have stashed in pantry. On the right is the Seven Sundays berry-flavored cereal. What I love about the Seven Sundays is the super short ingredient list, extra protein (5g in just one cup!), and how little sugar (total and added) is in it. When I reach for an unfamiliar product, those are the things I evaluate first.

The cereal had a crispy texture that stood up to milk; this cereal didn’t get soggy even after a couple taste-tests. Their flavors include cinnamon, cocoa and berry (pictured below).

My favorite flavor was cinnamon. It’s one of my favorite spices, and I thought it was unique. I also liked the berry, and especially liked the hint of lemon. They are slightly sweet with standout flavors; such a refreshing departure from traditional cereals that are full of sugar!

As you can see by the photo, the cereal was definitely kid-approved! I gave Maelle both the berry and cocoa flavors (she seems to have a topical reaction to cinnamon) and she chowed them down! She also ate small amounts of the cereals dry as a snack in the following days.

It was so fun to try something new! I’m actually very interested in their muesli and can’t wait to get my hands on some of those!

According to their website, Seven Sundays cereals are available at Whole Foods, and their muesli is available on Amazon as well.

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