O, Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree a little early this year. With restaurants shutting down for dining again (there goes our anniversary dinner at Rick’s next month), we thought we’d go ahead and take care of it.

While we likely weren’t going to experience any hang-ups getting our tree anyway, (We go to a small local farm run by one of Andrew’s co-workers.) it still felt nice to check it off our list. I would have liked a snowy wonderland, but the weather was crisp enough to remind us winter is coming. (Who am I kidding? It’s HERE.)

Maelle got to practice walking in her snow boots, which is adorable. She did a great job navigating the shoulder-high brush between the trees in already-large boots with room to grow. She’s a trooper. (And just in case anyone is wondering, NO, I did not buy my 16-month-old a North Face jacket; it was a yard sale find from her great-grandma, and her Sorel boots were purchased used from Mercari. I’m happy to drop some $$ on certain items, but things my daughter will outgrow in the blink of an eye aren’t one of them.)

We always cut down the tree with Andrew’s parents, and this year was no different. It’s a fun, family tradition I hope continues for many years. The amount of debate around a fixture that lasts for less than a month is downright comical. Is it tall enough? Is it full enough? Is it too full? Is it too prickly? We could be there all day. Some years, we are…

We finally found ‘the one’ and took the obligatory photo in front. It’s branches aren’t too prickly, it’s not too full for our collection of oversized ornaments, and it’s short enough for our star. It’s currently in a bucket of water in the backyard while we decide where to put it this year, now that we have a little one who is into EVERYTHING to consider…

Do you cut your tree, buy from a lot or put up a fake tree?

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