scenes of summer

This summer has certainly been one for the books.  Even without the craziness that this pandemic has brought, our first summer with a toddler has been the most fun–and least productive–of our entire lives.

‘Summer’ kicks off here basically in July, once it’s warm enough to wear shorts with any regularity.  I equipped our back patio with all the necessities: kiddie pool, water table and umbrellas.  We were set.

After not seeing my parents since March, they came to visit and couldn’t get enough of sweet Maelle.  She’s a water baby through-and-through, which gives me a particular thrill.

Man, I miss the days I could ditch my baby girl in the pop-up playpen so I could spend a few minutes weeding!  She started walking in early July, and once she was mobile she wasn’t too keen on being confined.  We’ve since baby-proofed our deck with some of the larger plastic interlocking baby gates.  I can’t say I love the primary-color aesthetic, but it’ll do for now.

In early July the run group started back up again after taking a break for COVID.  Within a few weeks, the whole stroller gang was back!  In three years, the run group went from no babies to seven!  We even have occasional ‘guest appearances’ by the nephew of one of the runners.  I’ve gotten Andrew out a few times as well.

Ice cream is an integral part of summer, for sure.  One of Andrew’s favorite past times is to stop at the Caboose in town and grab a treat.  Maelle definitely knows her way around an ice cream cone!

Grilling and/or eating outside is an almost-daily occurrence during the summer.  With our harsh winters, us Western New Yorkers have to soak up all the time outside we can while the weather is decent.  Even if it’s just a bit too warm, I still like to eat outside.

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