four pacis and a bottle

We’ve been trying to get Maelle to take a pacifier–any pacifier–since we brought her home from the hospital, with little success. We also tried to introduce bottles a couple times this past week, with only slightly more success. I was beginning to think her resistance to both of these might be the start of more fussiness.

While I knew we would have to keep working on the bottle (out of necessity), I was starting to accept the fact that my baby just wouldn’t take a pacifier. It isn’t that I feel like Maelle needs a pacifier, but they are a handy tool for fussy moments. Plus, the ones with the attached stuffed animals are TOO CUTE. We’ve tried and tried, but her acceptance of the pacifier was unpredictable and short-lived at best.

I’ve been pumping sporadically over the last month, and storing the milk in the freezer. Last week, we attempted to give Maelle a bottle for the first time…which resulted in much crying and more than a few funny looks from her. She seemed confused at best and utterly repulsed at worst. She did eventually take the bottle both times we offered it, but I wasn’t confidant her bottle skills would be ready for prime-time anytime soon.

Much to our surprise, it seems Maelle’s paci/bottle switch has been flipped as of this past weekend!

The third time must be a charm, as Maelle took a bottle EASILY from her Aunt Carolyn on Sunday! She downed two ounces of milk in minutes without a single tear or hesitation.

And, in the last 24 hours, Maelle has sucked on four different brands of pacifiers! I thought we might never get one to stick, and if we did, she might be a particular child and only take to one kind. (In which case most of our current supply would be rendered useless.)

Crisis averted.

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