saying goodbye

We made the hard decision to say goodbye to Hadrian, our beloved Great Dane, last Friday evening.

Ten years ago, I talked Andrew into getting a dog, and not just any dog, a Great Dane.


In December of 2009, we brought our little guy home, but he didn’t stay that way for very long!

At 9 1/2 years old, he had been showing signs of age that made it clear we didn’t have many months of time left with him.  Because he was such a big dog, we had to consider how his size would impact his aging, as we wouldn’t be able to lift him up and down stairs, etc.  In order to preserve his dignity and memory, we were determined not to wait too long.

He was THE BEST dog.  I know everyone can say that about their furry friends, and he truly was.  While he wasn’t perfectly trained, he never destroyed the house and his only bad habit was begging for scraps at Andrew’s side.

We couldn’t go anywhere without attracting attention, and cars were constantly stopping to inquire about him.  He definitely made life interesting!

He had the sweetest disposition, and other than giving a few loud barks to strangers, he was otherwise a big wimp.  I always joked that he’d let an intruder right in!

He was a couch potato much of every day, laying on his bed in the TV room.  He enjoyed short walks, sticks of butter and would spoon with you if you got close enough.

Unfortunately, he was a shedder, and it was hard for me to let that go.  I think I’ll always feel a little guilty that I allowed some dog hair (OK, a lot of dog hair), to make me so crazy.  But I know how I felt about him in my heart, and there is a big empty space there now.

In the past year or so, we took to calling him ‘buddy’ a lot, and I think I’ll always remember him that way.

Sweet boy, you left an enormous space in our hearts no other pet will ever fill.  Losing you was the hardest thing we’ve ever done, and it still hurts so much.  We will always treasure the time we had with you, and are so thankful to have had it.  If all dogs go to heaven, we can’t wait to see you there.  We love you, buddy.

3 thoughts on “saying goodbye

  1. What a handsome good boy he will always be. I remember you telling me that he would just stand quietly in the tub for his bath and yes that you would have to defend him against danger! A gentle giant that added so much to your life. I do want to think that we will be re-united with our fur babies in heaven and so to Hadrian , until that much awaited day! Prayers and love to fill the void Holly and Andrew…xo

  2. He was a gentle giant and I miss him. The thought that he won’t be there next time I visit is hard to wrap my head around. However much he is missed, the new life coming into your home will help mitigate your sorrow. Love you Holly and Andrew and baby Layer!

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