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With my triathlon fast approaching (Sept 5!), I figured I’d better get at least one blog post up about how my summer training has been going.  

So far, I’ve done at least two run/bike/swim workouts, not to be confused with a ‘brick workout,’ which apparently only includes two of the three sports, usually biking and running. I’m not sure why doing only two events gets a special name, while doing all three doesn’t seem to have a unique moniker.  And what does everyone have against swimming!?  It seems to be the least-practiced event of the triathlon.  (I’m a little biased–as a swimmer–and also realize swimming does often require a little more time and planning than simply lacing up some running shoes.)  Admittedly, running after biking is definitely the hardest part, hands down.

Early in the summer, I timed my first ‘3 in 1’ workout so that I would join my running group for the last leg of the session.  I packed a bag with clothes and my bike, parked my car at 42North (our run meeting spot), then biked to the pool.

After my swim, I changed (not an easy task while still mostly wet) and hopped on the bike for a seven-mile ride that included a hill.  I arrived back to my car with just enough time to ditch the bike and grab a drink before running four miles with my friends.

Then, I drank beer and ate nachos.  Of course.

Between this workout and the one I did yesterday, I went on a few rides with my friend, Dale, in addition to laps at the pool, teaching my cycle class at the Y and–of course–running.

Yesterday, but some stroke of luck, I was able to do another ‘3 in 1’ workout without even planning it!  (Thank goodness, too, because I’d actually planned to do it today–as I write this, in fact–but it’s currently raining buckets and thundering. No bueno!)

As I said, yesterday I managed all three disciplines.  I met friends for a late afternoon run, knowing I needed to be finished with enough time to get to the Y to sub for a cycle class that evening.  Upon finishing the run, I realized I had time to zip over to the pool for a short workout (1000 yards – 40 laps) before heading to the gym.  Once I decided to do it, I packed a bag and I was off in no time flat! No better way to cool off after a run than the pool!

I drove in my wet swimsuit (in the hopes of giving myself and it some extra time to dry) to the gym, changed and then taught a 45-minute class.  I was so hungry by the end I could not get home fast enough!

This morning, I did my first real solo ride!  Dale ended up going blueberry-picking with his wife, much to his chagrin.  I missed his company, but know going alone was a big confidence-booster for me.  (I did make sure Andrew and the Nyes knew I was biking alone and to keep their phones with them should I need rescuing!)  I had a great ride, and was especially proud that I was able to follow the route from memory, as I am notoriously bad with directions. Fifteen miles in one hour!

Immediately after biking, I did a quick (7:47!!!) mile around the park to push myself on tired legs.  I couldn’t believe my time; my legs felt like lead the entire mile and if I’d been running a nine-minute pace I would have believed it.

Despite these multi-sport workouts, I have not practiced my transitions yet.  I’m confident in my fitness for each leg of the race, and know this first tri will simply be a learning experience for me.  I’ve chosen one that is really low-key, so I’m not super worried about rushing through the transitions on this first one.  I’ll definitely work on them before the race, and I plan to arrive early and seek help from those around me!

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    1. Thanks! My tri is Wednesday evening, Sept 5. I’m actually really happy to have found one in the evening, because I get a lot of anxiety before races/other things in the mornings (like an early flight) and often don’t get a lot of sleep. So, hopefully, I won’t be too nervous about this one the night before! Are you training for anything?

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