H/B/F 2017: we moved in

…and then out again. I’ll spill the beans on how we got a newer, nicer room, but first, our hotel:

The Lion d’Or faces the square for the train station, so it’s both conveniently located and easy to find (both ideal qualities for a directionally challenged girl like me!). In all honesty, we searched high and low for a place to stay in Amsterdam (to no avail) and Haarlem was plan B. Now that we’re here, I can’t imagine staying anywhere else!

We arrived Saturday morning and we’re given one of the first clean rooms they had available:

We thought it was more than adequate and promptly moved in. This was the first time in our seven (!!!) European trips that we completely unpacked our bags–it felt so good. 

My bedside table held my reading material and running stuff, as well as my nighttime creature comforts, like my lavender lotion.

However, this morning the gentleman behind the desk approached me after breakfast–shocked–and asked if I’d like a better, bigger room. He’d noticed we were staying for two weeks and wanted to offer us one of the renovated ones. I jumped at the chance and ended up schlepping all our stuff downstairs to the new room. 

While it’s not a lot bigger, it’s way nicer and even has a small fridge!! We’re unpacked again and already dreading all the bag-packing that will start again in a couple weeks!

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