Whole30: Round 2

Today I started another Whole30, this time as part of a larger group doing what we’re calling the #SeptemberWhole30, which is in honor of Whole30 founder and author Melissa Hartwig’s newest book, Food Freedom Forever, which will be released Oct. 4, our day 30. 

After having such a great experience with my April Whole30, (yet feeling like I fell back into my old habits this summer after our vacation in France) I was already toying with the idea of doing another Whole30 in September when I found out about a group starting Sep 5.

So, of course, I jumped right on board. I’d already pre-ordered my copy of the new book, and I was looking for more structure to get my diet back on track. In fact, I’m anticipating doing more than a Whole30, perhaps a Whole45 or Whole60. (Or, basically ‘Whole’ but adding half-and-half to my coffee after 30 days or something.). I do best with structure in all areas of my life–exercise, schedule, work–why not maintain structure long-term? 

After a slightly hectic day trying to get some food prepped and mayo made, I’m happy to report that I’ve had some great meals today and will eat well all week! I’m not planning to blog every day or week with photos of my meals, but I’ll share some things here and there. Be sure to follow me on social media to see what I’m enjoying this month!

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