whole30: week 4 meal highlights

I DID IT!  I made it through a Whole30 successfully and I couldn’t be more proud of myself!

I’ve lost weight and inches off my body, learned a heck of a lot about discipline and self-control, and experienced more health through food than I ever have before.  Coupled with my Made to Crave devotional, I’ve been seeking (and finding!) self-control and peace in my food choices by being disciplined to follow the Whole30 plan and obedient to God. More on all that in a separate post–for now, see below for what we ate, most of which came from Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed cookbook.

Sunday morning breakfast: A giant egg-veggie scramble topped with pickled jalapeños and salsa, with a sweet potato ‘bun’ and some almond butter.


Post-church lunch at Wegmans:  A spinach salad packed with shredded zucchini, yellow squash, beets and carrots, and sides of fruit, chipotle cauliflower and braised beef.  Dollop of gauc.


Monday breakfast: leftover chicken, one fried egg, veggies and guac and a clem.


Monday dinner: OMG.  Every part of this meal was absolutely delicious.  I made Mel Joulwan’s ‘the best chicken you will ever eat’ as well as her ‘creamy and spicy kale.’  They were both fantastic recipes, and ones I’ll be making again.  Served with roasted WHITE sweet potato fries.


Tuesday breakfast: leftovers!  Chicken and kale, and the last of the sweet potato buns with sunbutter and cinnamon.


Tuesday dinner: Egg Foo Young!  Another Mel Joulwan goodie, I prepped everything the morning of and simply make the ‘pancakes’ and stir-fried the veggies once I got home from work.  Topped with her spicy secret sauce and a clem.  Andrew and I were both a little non-plussed with our first few bites, but as we continued, we both agreed that this dish truly grows on you.  By the end, we were wolfing them down.


Wednesday breakfast: leftovers!  The previous night, I’d made a comment about how I didn’t think I’d like Egg Foo Young as a breakfast, but just like the flavor grew on us the night before, that morning I thought it sounded delicious.  I sautéed some fresh veggies with the last of the stir-fry sauce and called it breakfast. Last of the delicious creamy kale on the side.


Wednesday dinner: Meatza Pizza!  This dish was equally easy, delicious and unique.  Basically, you season some beef and pre-cook it as the crust, top it with seasoned tomato paste and veggies, then bake again.  Very fun and flavorful.  I would definitely make this again.  Another Mel Joulwan goodie.


Thursday breakfast: a simple 3-egg scramble with a banana topped with almond butter and cinnamon.


Thursday dinner: Mel Joulwan’s ‘Bora Bora Fireballs’ (meatballs made with jalapeños and pineapple), with roasted asparagus and a fried plantain. Fried plantains are so fun.


Friday breakfast: Melissa Hartwig’s Chicken Hash!  I’d been dying to make this recipe from the day I saw it in the Whole30 book, and with just 2 days to spare in my Whole30, I did.  Sweet potato, apple, kale and chicken.  A little hot pepper flakes for kick, although I might go easy on those next time and add cinnamon.  So good.


Friday dinner: Andrew was at taco night with the men at church, so I was on my own.  I hadn’t had eggs for breakfast that morning, so I decided an egg-veggie scramble with avocado and bananas and cinnamon sounded good.  Eaten on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy.


Saturday dinner: My last Whole30 meal!  We ate at a friend’s house, so I brought a giant salad and topped it with the meat they were offering–ham and turkey.  So simple and so good.


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