whole30: week 3 meal highlights 

Happy Monday!  I can’t believe I’m already into my LAST WEEK OF WHOLE30!  This month has flown by.  When I started this journey, I secretly feared how hard it might be, or how long it would feel, or how much I would hate it.  In reality, this month has sailed along and I feel better than I ever have in my life, all because I’ve been giving my body 100% real, healthy food.  It’s incredible, folks.  And I was a relatively healthy eater to begin with (or so I thought).  Imagine how good YOU might feel if your diet and exercise routine aren’t the best…

Here’s a recap of what I enjoyed last week!

Sunday morning: bacon (!!!), eggs, veggies and Sunshine Sauce to dip!


Sunday lunch: Andrew and I wanted to enjoy the weather outside, so we hit one of the only places in town with (open) outdoor eating: Wallenwein’s Hotel.  I chose an antipasti salad (without cheese) and was able to make the leftovers into two lunches!  Seltzer and lime to drink.


Sunday night’s pork tenderloin and salad was a HUGE home run with Andrew.  Seasoned pork topped wit walnuts, kale and spinach greens with roasted sweet potato, apple, red onion and homemade balsamic dressing.



Monday breakfast: leftovers!  Pork on salad – yum!


Monday night dinner: homemade bangers (seasoned sausage patties instead of store-bought links), mashed sweet potatoes with a little coconut milk and caramelized onions. OMG.


Tuesday breakfast: salad with two poached eggs and leftover mashed sweet potatoes with almond butter.  I *almost* felt guilty eating the mash and almond butter because it tasted like DESSERT.


Wednesday night dinner: taco salad! Browned beef over greens with homemade pico de gallo, black olives, green onions, avocado and pickled jalapeños.  Fried plantains on the side!


Thursday breakfast: a quick clementine and two hard-boiled eggs.


Not pictured: Friday night dinner out at Riley Street Station. Chicken Marsala with green beans and baked potato.  Delicious.

Saturday morning breakfast: leftover taco meat sautéed with greens, topped with scrambled eggs and other taco fixin’s.


Saturday night dinner: Fiery jalapeño burgers with sweet potato ‘buns’ and homemade (baked) French fries and broccoli. Burger and bun recipe from Practical Paleo.


Later that night, Andrew and I decided to grab a Redbox movie and some snacks.  He’s totally abandoned the Whole30, but I stuck to my guns and was pleasantly surprised at what kind of ‘compliant’ snack items I could find.  I’ve been dying to have an excuse to spend $5 on a bag of seasoned pumpkin seeds to top salads, so I chose the spicy version, which didn’t have added sugar.  The freeze-dried fruit clusters seemed almost too ‘candy-like’ to me, so I only had a couple.  I was also able to find roasted coconut flakes dusted with cocoa!  No added sugar or oils!


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