new & improved

It’s finally here!

(Note: Before I get too far, I want to warn you/ask for your patience up front…  While the blog is up and going, I’m still tweaking some of the categories and playing ‘catch-up’ with all the blogs I’ve been meaning to write for like, a year. Right now, some of the categories are still empty… If you’re an email subscriber and you happen to get a bunch of new posts in one afternoon, don’t panic!  I promise not to blow up your inbox every day—my plan is to blog a few times a week, max.  Also, I’m still ‘improving’ my iPhone photography skills, so bear with me as I try out some editing apps and such. Recommendations welcome!)

Now, back to the NEW BLOG!

I’ve been mentally planning/designing/dreaming of re-vamping the blog for more than a year now.  Once graduation (almost a year ago!) was getting closer, I realized I wanted to take the blog in a more nutrition-related direction.

And then school was over.  And we went to France. And I took on three year’s worth of landscaping in like three months.

So, the blog’s been on the back burner for about a year.  I recently gave myself a deadline to finish (April), and I put the pedal to the medal.  (And got a lot of help from my neighbor—thanks Beth!)

First of all, the blog has a new name.  My first domain, thefrozenpineapple, will always hold a special place in my heart.  It’s where I started, and it was very personal.  You can find highlights in the ‘frozenpineapple favorites’ category, under the ‘More’ category.

Second, the blog looks a lot different.  It was time for a new look, and I’m so grateful my friend—who is a web designer—was willing to help a girl out.  I love it.

Perhaps the biggest change is the navigation…in that the blog actually HAS SOME.  The blog re-vamp was especially complicated because I hadn’t properly categorized any of my past posts!  Thankfully, reorganizing them was a pleasant trip down memory lane and a chance to do some purging.  Here’s a bit about the new categories:

Recipes: I love trying new recipes!  Find them categorized by meal (Breakfast & Breads, Mains, Sides and Sweets), and other blog-worthy eats are under #fabfood.

Nutrition: This includes past school-related posts (read the final ‘how to become an RD’ post here), random nutrition-related posts, my take on the latest trends (Book Reviews) and Meal-Planning, which is a simple way to remove the stress from healthy eating.

Fitness: I love to work out!  Don’t get me wrong—I didn’t always love exercise; in fact, I was a couch-potato kid who liked to read more than anything else.  However, I’ve learned to love exercise and hope you do, too.  I teach body conditioning and cycle on Wednesdays at our local YMCA (#workoutwednesdays), and I’ll share some of the workouts I try—both in and out of the gym—with you here (@thegym), as well as some of my runs and races (I ❤ running).

More: There is so much more to my life than just food and exercise that it’s hard not to include it on the blog.  My husband and I love to travel, whether it’s across the pond or just a weekend with friends in Ohio (Travel); we’re EPIC house project-ers (Home & Garden); and I love sharing (Things I LOVE) with others.

In Print: My first passion is writing, and I’m working on breaking into the (terrifying/impossible/scary/crazy hard work) world of freelance.  <Gasp.> One day.  Check out this category for things I’ve written, including my Buffalo News Refresh blog posts.

Lastly, I’m truly glad you’re here–thanks for stopping by!

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