furniture shopping in the living room

We’re having vision again!  Andrew and I ran into Pottery Barn the other night to pick up some lampshades, and while we were there, he fell in love with some chairs they had on the floor.  (Yes, you read that right.  Andrew is a closet home decorator–I swear.)  He’s been on this ‘we need two chairs in the front room somewhere’ kick for awhile, and after seeing something he liked, it was all too much.  I thought we might actually come home with lampshades AND chairs!  But now, the engineer in him won’t do anything without mapping it out on the floor…so here we are:



On the other hand, this whole time I’ve been the one chanting “We don’t need any more seating!” over and over again.  We have a couch and two chairs on the other side of the room, none of which we actually sit in.  But what in the world do you do with this front space we have here??  Seriously, it’s a mystery.  We don’t have a piano or another dining room table or ANYTHING that would be appropriate…

So, we’ve been playing around with our furniture to see what we like.  We moved the leather chair into the corner (the one spot we can area on to put a chair), and then have been moving that floral one (if only I could snap my fingers and make slipcovers appear) to either window to create a pair.

Unfortunately, there is no way to create a pair of chairs centered on either window due to space, and Andrew felt like the second chairs also stuck out too far from the wall.  So, then he brought out this white table, which belongs on the porch.  I love a table in front of the window!  We’re looking at this one.  It matches the tables we have on the other side of the room.

Meanwhile, my plants are feeling VERY displaced.  Not only are they being moved and shoved about, but now Andrew wants to put furniture in front of my ONLY available sunny window.  What is a girl to do?!?!




One thought on “furniture shopping in the living room

  1. I have ALWAYS found it best to leave men out of any house decor unless it’s a man cave! Andrewseems to have a wonderful skill, building, remodeling, etc. things the way you want. You’ll know when and what to get when you see it! Now I could be wrong-Andrew does know how to tie a necktie LOL

    Aunt Mary

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