Cinnabon (at home!)

A number of years ago–like four–I pulled one of those ‘Almost Famous’ copycat recipes out of Food Network magazine and have literally been holding on to it for years.  FOR FOUR YEARS. (How, in those four years, I haven’t managed to make it I don’t know, but that’s another blog post in itself.)

They were for Cinnabon’s Cinnamon Rolls.

In an effort to show Andrew my undying devotion and love, I’ve started throwing caution to the wind and NOT making something healthy for breakfast on Saturday mornings…if I make breakfast at all on Saturday mornings. I figured that since I dictate 98% of what we eat around here (most of which are things he may not prefer, like beans or homemade salmon burgers), I could lighten up a bit on weekend breakfasts.  That, and he made it clear he didn’t want ‘experimentation’ recipes on Saturday mornings…


I recently whipped out the very worn magazine page and–despite having to stay up until 1 a.m. that night to prep them–I was able to present Andrew with these around 9 a.m. Saturday morning.


They were, in a word, delicious.

Of course they were.  They were loaded with butter and sugar and eggs.   In order to make them a bit more calorically manageable, I made 12 smaller rolls instead of the 6 large rolls the recipe called for.  I baked 6 that morning and wrapped the other 6 in plastic for another time.  I mean, who is really going to eat just one ooey-gooey cinnamon roll, straight from the oven??  Might as well make them smaller rather than larger, I say.

Overall, I can’t say these were exactly like Cinnabon’s treats, mostly because it’s been so long since I’ve had one I don’t even remember what they taste like!  I seem to recall Cinnabon’s rolls having a cream cheese frosting, while the one in the recipe was a traditional butter/sugar/cream mixture.

Can’t wait to enjoy the second half of the batch sometime soon!


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