let there be light

This weekend, Andrew finished the lighting project for our new desk.


About a month ago, we broke down and bought a Pottery Barn desk after months of searching and not finding anything else we liked better. We needed an L-shaped desk and had a surprising amount of trouble finding any.

Once we received the desk, we quickly realized–in a matter of hours–that the desk was useless without any lighting. Not only did we not have a desk lamp, but we didn’t have any overhead lighting, either. Silly me, I thought we’d just get some task lighting and call it a day. Not so! Andrew came home one day raving about some pendant lights he found and thought would be perfect. After he showed me, I whole-heartedly agreed. After a bit of online research and measuring, we placed our lighting order.

Andrew started the project last weekend, and he finished in record time. Not only did he have to run electricity literally from the basement, he also put in two additional outlets and three additional overhead lights running along one side of the room. Man, am I glad I married an engineer with ambition AND good taste.

See below for more photos:




One thought on “let there be light

  1. Looks great, Andrew did a fine job not only of installing the fixtures but the good taste to recognize something that would enhance the appearance as well as function of the desk area. ❤ Aunt Mary

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