my first moosewood

A couple weeks ago, Andrew and I went to Ithaca for a getaway.  While there, we dined at the famous vegetarian restaurant, Moosewood, and I instantly fell in love.  Not surprisingly, I can’t say the same for Andrew.

As tonight was ‘Meatless Monday’ and I knew I had more white beans in the freezer to use, I thought I’d check what the good ‘ole Moosewood cookbook could recommend.

I found their Texas BBQ Bean Soup and found I had all the ingredients, minus the celery.  It was fate.



I whipped up a giant pot of it tonight, along with Pioneer Woman’s Skillet Cornbread.  A word of advice: go easy on those chipotles in adobo!  They are HOT!



Andrew’s first comment was: “It’s getting increasingly harder to pick around the beans.”  Yes, sweetie, it sure is.

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