(wo)man of steel

So last night, as we were lazing about in the couch (as we had most of the day did to Andrew’s snow day), Andrew remarked that he’d really like some apple crisp.

It was 8:15.

Ordinarily, I (and just about every other crisp-making person on the face of the planet), would brush this off with an ‘it’s too late’ excuse. While crisps aren’t terribly hard, the time it takes to peel a bunch of apples and then the hour to bake in the oven does add up.

However, I didn’t say that. I remembered a quick little recipe for individual apple crisps I’d seen in November’s Cooking Light. (And I also knew I had some leftover crisp topping stashed in the freezer from Thanksgiving’s dessert.)

I asked Andrew (my uber-picky, non-dessert eating hubby) if he really wanted one, (he did–little known fact: he might like apple crisp almost as much as angel food cake–gasp!) and then jumped off the couch to assemble my ingredients.


As I buzzed around the kitchen, Andrew said this–my ability to turn real apples into crisp in less than 15 minutes–was just ‘reaffirming that I’m superwoman.’

I love this man. (Have I mentioned I didn’t set foot outside our house yesterday? He took Hadrian out every. single. time.)

Anyway, back to the crisps:






The real time-saver, really, is the fact that they’re in individual ramekins, which drastically reduces the baking time. And while the recipe actually calls for crumbled oatmeal cookies as a quick topping, a tablespoon of my leftover crisp topping worked just fine.

I topped mine with half the amount of ginger frozen yogurt I had anticipated using.  (I simply can’t eat pie or crisps without some sort of ice cream or whipped cream.)

Disclaimer: I hadn’t really intended on having dessert, but when my snow-blowing, dog-taking-out husband gave me an opportunity to amaze him with my superpowers in the kitchen AND feed him dessert at the same time, I just couldn’t refuse.

In other news, we watched a whopping SEVEN episodes of Dexter yesterday.  Yup, we’re just your run-of-the-mill couch potatoes sometimes.  Here’s to hoping today is at least slightly more productive than yesterday…

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