I didn’t mean to dig up the tree…


I may have gotten a little over zealous in my yardwork endeavor today…

The truth is, I’ve hated that tree since the moment we moved in. In my mind, it was only a matter of time until it was disposed of or moved so some other back corner of the yard. It was mangled and off-center.

I won’t say ‘it just happened,’ because it didn’t. It took work! I was sweating like crazy trying to dig that thing out.

Case in point:


I’ve cleared three beds and pulled more weeds than any yard should have. I suppose this is what I get for not doing a pick of yardwork til the first week of June.

One thought on “I didn’t mean to dig up the tree…

  1. I love yard work and so I am standing in applause to all your hard work and sweat! Your efforts will be rewarded by the beauty you will create in your gardens….Gods miracle to us is His green earth.

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