I’m IN

…the coordinated program, that is!

After applying, writing a bio sketch, having recommendations sent, sitting for two interviews and then waiting for weeks and weeks…the acceptance letters were in.

Fifteen minutes before our giant test in advanced nutrition.

After much deliberation (OK, like two minutes), we all ran across the way to the dietetics building to pick up our letters. I had said I was going to wait until after the test to open mine, but who was I kidding!? I tore that baby open and breathed a huge sigh of relief to see the word ‘congratulations’ at the top of the page.

Many of us were all smiles returning to the test, and at least I was a little less anxious during knowing I had something to celebrate. Speaking of celebrations…

Andrew and I went to McDonalds (of all places) to celebrate since we waited to long to go to Kone King.


For MONTHS we’ve talked about the nice dinner we were going to go to once I got accepted, (IF I got accepted) and he gets deathly ill at just that time! Oh well, there is always the weekend 🙂

And we had a little adventure sitting together enjoying our Micky-D’s treats. It was like we were on a college date again. And I guess we kinda were.

(At least now I know I only have two more years instead of three!)

5 thoughts on “I’m IN

  1. So very happy for you sweetheart ! Nurse Andrew back to health so you both can celebrate with that nice dinner….Very proud of you and I see the Lord’s hand in all of this. Praise His Name !

      1. No, I am will be entering my junior year of journalism undergrad but I plan to pursue a graduate program in dietetics, hopefully starting in Fall 2016! (I have to take a year of science prerequisites after I graduate)

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