a (welcome home) list

1.  Andrew and I spent this past weekend–Easter–in NYC.  It was lovely.  Tons of pictures were taken.  Lots of good food eaten.  Memories made.  Blog post/posts coming this week, I hope.

2.  Why is it that going on ‘vacation’ never seems like a vacation once you get home?  Between spending all my Spring Break before NYC doing homework/studying/getting ahead, and then being gone for the rest, I need a vacation FROM my vacation!

3.  It was snowing this morning here, and now it’s sunny.  Pick one, Buffalo!  I’ve been waiting a week to wash my car!

4.  It’s kind-of tradition for us to order pizza when we get home from a road trip.  There isn’t anything in the house, and we use it as an excuse to relax in front of the TV and savor the last moments of a trip before returning to ‘real’ life.  Well, there was no pizza for us last night.  Pasquale’s was closed yesterday, along with just about every other eatery in East Aurora.  Kudos to all the local businesses for actually OBSERVING Easter!  (It was greasy cheesesteaks for us from one of three open places.)  I’m thinking of writing an Op-Ed piece for the paper…

5.  Is it bad that I’m already anxious to get back to the pantry project?  (Rather, for Andrew to get back to the pantry project.)  I can’t help that I’m so goal-oriented.

Off to school for me!  Lots to do, lots to do!

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