weekend in p-burgh

Andrew and I visited our friends Alex (son of the oft-mentioned Nyes) and his girlfriend, Mackenzie, this weekend in the beautiful Pittsburgh.


(Photo by Andrew. I kinda took the weekend off from photographing. Regretting it now, of course.)

Highlights of the trip included:

-touring their house and hearing all the ideas they have for projects and talking paint colors

-Pamela’s Diner: enjoying their crispy-edged, crepe-like pancakes

-getting outside the city and into the suburbs

-great walking-around weather: crisp (cold, really) yet

-chatting with Mackenzie while the boys walked ahead as we meandered near the Pitt campus

-watching Knocked Up, which was WAY more crude (and less funny) than I remembered…dare I say we’re getting old? (Or perhaps just have higher standards…)

-running the hills (a.k.a. small and very close together mountains) with Mackenzie Sunday morning. If there was ONE photo I wish I had taken, it would be one of the landscape of their neighborhood. All over, really. (Pittsburgh is known for their inclines.) Seriously, you know that famous road in San Francisco that is really steep and goes back and forth? EVERY street there is like that. So yeah, I thought I might die on the run this morning.

-homemade, family-style breakfast post-run with everyone around the table

-pumpkin milkshakes with Mackenzie at a specialty chocolate shop on Carson St. (I might have brought some truffles home with me…) while we all toured Southside

-spending quality time with Andrew this afternoon at Caribou Coffee (our conversation focused on how we can NOT fight about stupid stuff anymore…are we old and married, or what?) In the end, I have to admit we both enjoyed taking a few minutes to ‘take the temperature’ of our relationship, and decided we left more improved than we arrived

-cooking a paleo dinner with Mackenzie from her ‘Eat Like A Dinosaur’ cookbook: ribs, kale chips and roasted carrots

(We’re currently on the way home and Andrew has been listening, enraptured, to the Pats/Ravens game on the radio–go Baltimore!!)

While I may not have taken many pictures this weekend, Mackenzie did! This one’s for you, Adam:


4 thoughts on “weekend in p-burgh

  1. Holly,
    I think the Holy Spirit has engaged your spiritual maturty. I completely agree on movies, etc seeming way more crude than I remember. Good for you girl!

  2. That sounds like an awesome trip! I’ve never been to Pittsburgh but I’ve heard it’s really fun. 🙂

  3. What a blessing to share time with friends. I know the Holy Spirit guides and reveals when it comes to the world’s pleasures. A BIG filter implodes inside me and I know what the Lord wants me to do in regards to whatever it is. We just decide if we will listen to that filter or not! Proud of you sweetheart for listening….

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