i think i overlooked something…

Did I really forget to post “finished” photos???  Forgive me if I did…I vaguely remember posting one before we had the appliances hooked up, but here are some shots of the (mostly) finished product:




Isn’t it lovely?  Andrew did a fantastic job.  I have plenty of room to work, and because I have the storage drawers beneath the appliances, I don’t need a cabinet or anything additional taking up space.  I do still need a rod of some sort–somewhere–to hang clothes, and we’re still in the process of attaching part of the door handle.

I was stressing about where to hang the colored-bottle print (it was am impulse buy before we moved in hopes of hanging it in a WHITE kitchen) since there didn’t seem to be anywhere in this house in which it would ‘go,’ but the green in the laundry room was perfect!  The other walls seem a bit bare, so I’m sure in time I’ll decorate them, as well.

One thought on “i think i overlooked something…

  1. Andrew did a fantastic job. It’s good to know an Engineer can do ‘field work!”
    The bottles are perfect for the room, it won’t take too long to find things for the wall…Danika and Caleb art perhaps! LOL ❤ Aunt Mary

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