all stocked up

Perry’s was on sale at Wegmans the other day.

Only $2.99 each!  (The night before, it was $5.49 at Tops.  I know because Andrew and I arrived at Kone King at 10:07 thinking they were open until 11, but they close at 10 since school is back in session.  The next best thing: pick up ice cream across the street at Tops.)

So, the next morning when I was grocery shopping at Wegmans, of course I was going to pick up a few of my favorites!  And plus, now that summer is over, it’s not like we’re going to be going out for ice cream on an every-other-night basis…  And they aren’t ALL for me; I got the Rainbow Sherbet for Andrew 🙂

Just call me an ‘ice-cream-aholic.’

holdin’ out

This is my SECOND salty caramel mocha from Starbucks this season.


While everyone around me is going crazy over Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I’m holding out until it’s cooler.  I mean, I wore shorts to school yesterday!  (Granted, we’ve had some fall-like weather; check out the sky behind me. In moments, it was yucky and raining.  Boo.)

Anyway, I just can’t get into fall/pumpkins/candles/decorating until it’s really crisp and full-on jeans weather.

And so I wait.

This weekend’s agenda: PAINTING!