carolyn’s wedding

I know, you’ve all been waiting for the pictures…and here they are 🙂

I started this blog Saturday morning at the rental, but was stymied by my lack of upload storage space, and then the move happened.  And kept happening until, well, now-ish.  There is still MUCH to do, but as of yesterday, I actually felt like we began living in a home as opposed to a box collection center.

Oh, and I found the coffee table!  It was hiding behind a tall box under a pile of the NEW bedding for the guest room.  I had a draft post with pictures of said bedding in the queue here, taken in the rental house, but never got around to publishing it.  Guess I’ll have to just scrap it in favor of a photo here in the new house 🙂

Back to the wedding…

Close to 9 a.m. Friday morning at the salon:

I loved my hair and makeup!  The makeup artist there is funky with her makeup like me, so I gave her permission to go a little wild.  I had purple and light blue (sounds weird, but it totally worked) up top, and a green/blue combo for a liner on the bottom.  My hair got curled and pinned back, half up, half down.  Why in the world did I not do this for MY wedding day??

The flurry of activity at the Roycroft where we all got ready:

In the limo on the way to get pictures:

Jill entertained us by playing the piano on a child’s toy in the nursery while we waited for our cue:

In the car afterward on the way to reception:

Beautiful cake by Butterwoods!  And so good–definitely some of the best wedding cake around.  Carolyn chose chocolate with raspberry filling–very memorable.

Mom Layer, Abigail and grandma:

Megan (Abigail’s best friend and also our hair stylist) and Andrew:

Great dancing!  Luke, with his his around his head:

And, to prove I actually danced, here are some photos:

The three of us shut down the dance floor, if you can believe it.  (Well, Carolyn and Abigail are naturals; I’m the one who might need a little liquid courage every once in awhile…)

It was a really great event; the church was well decorated, things ran smoothly (for the most part), the rain held off (thank goodness!), the food was good, the dancing was better and everyone seemed to have a great time.

For more photos, try these links:

Professional Photographer’s “previews”

Mom Layer’s Facebook Album

One thought on “carolyn’s wedding

  1. What a beautiful wedding! I loved your look the stylist went for….elegant but with flair! That’s my beautiful Holly… By the way you can dance and you don’t need any courage because you are one of the most courageous women I know. Can’t wait to see house photos……XOXO

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