carolyn’s lingerie shower (a.k.a. the cupcake post)

Abigail (and I, I suppose) hosted Carolyn’s lingerie shower yesterday.  Obviously (and somewhat unfortunately), I won’t be posting ALL the good photos from the par-tay since there may have been some “unmentionables” laying around…lingerie and otherwise.

(We even took a great group photo…while standing under all of Carolyn’s gifts that were currently hanging up on display.  Photo fail.)

Here’s the bride, with her sparkling strawberry spritzer and personalized sash:

If you can’t read it, it says “Future Mrs. Tatlow.”

But, the stars of the show were really these babies:

High-heel cupcakes!

Andrew’s mom found out about them on one of her morning shows and they’re featured in this cupcake book.  Abigail and I (well, mostly me–the perfectionist in me took over, I think) made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and assembled them for the shower.  Honestly, not all that hard to do, but getting them to stand up straight was just a bit tricky.  Totally worth the effort.

And, Abigail wanted to re-create something she found on Pinterest:

A zebra-striped cake!  She and I were both flying a bit blind the other day in my kitchen–due to a lack of directions and the extreme heat of baking on a hot day–but I’d say we succeeded.

The adorable host, doing what she does best:

And can ya tell the girl likes pink?!  Really, they both do.  We’re all already at a loss wondering what Abigail will do for her (eventual) wedding since between Carolyn as the bride and Abigail as her maid of honor, there is pink EVERYWHERE.

I wonder if Abigail has seen Steel Magnolias…(Check out the first entry under ‘Dialogue.’)

3 thoughts on “carolyn’s lingerie shower (a.k.a. the cupcake post)

  1. What a clever idea! Y’all did a super great job with those cupcakes! I love chocolate and vanilla cake…made me hungry. LOL

  2. It must have been a great party. You all must have had as much fun getting

    together as the gals had attending. The bride and her helpers are darling!,
    Lots of love. A totally imparticial Grandma R

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